Binaural CW Interface

Binaural CW (Continuous Wave) interface refers to a technology that utilizes binaural audio signals to create an interface for communication. Often binaural audio for the serious audiophile involves the use of a stereo signal fed to each ear, to replay the sound in a manner similar to human hearing. By leveraging binaural audio, it becomes possible to create a more immersive and realistic audio experience for the user. In this use case we use this a bit differently in the context of a binaural CW interface, the spatial audio is recreated so in your mind a spatially separated 3D or stereophonic representation of the signals for an immersive experience.

I first tried this a while ago with a circuit based (sure I cribbed from somewhere the RF Design bible by KK7B I expect) using a handful of op amps and discrete components and then hooked it up to my trusty but very old HRO which had (to be honest) a very wide AF front end to see the result. There was a CW contest going on at the time on 40m the result was illuminating. You kind of tune the RF to make the one signal you want ‘appear’. You will then focus on one signal amongst the others. Pretty much as you might focus on one voice etc in a pub full of others.

I recently discovered the old circuit in a project box and thought I might investigate after replacing the batteries that had long since died to see if it still worked and it does.

I wonder who else might have built something similar…

Obviously modern radios with SDR/Waterfall you might even ‘see’ the different signals but this is the ear/audio way of doing it..

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